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Thank You and Farewell to our Co-Event Managers

The Friends of the Town Hall Opera House treated Sarah Lowry and Jade Walker to dinner at Positive Pie in Plainfield on Monday, August 7th, as a "thank you" for the three years of service they put in as co-Event Managers of the Plainfield Town Hall Opera House.

The assistance of this "Dynamic Duo" (as they were dubbed by the Times-Argus in a front page photo) was needed to get the Town Hall up and running after being closed for repairs for several years.

In addition to coordinating and curating events at the Town Hall, Sarah and Jade developed policies and procedures for managing the Hall, assisted with the creation of the Plainfield Town Hall Opera House web site, and helped to organize the Friends of the Town Hall Opera House.

As a result of their work, the Town Hall Opera House is a busy and popular place, and the management of the facility is being handled by our vol

unteer community organization, through a contract with the Town of Plainfield. Members of the Friends of the Town Hall Opera House process rental applications, provide tours of the facility, and monitor post-event clean-up on behalf of the Town of Plainfield - as well as hosting an annual concert series and raising funds for improvements. 

Sarah is finishing up her first year in a masters' program in drama therapy, and Jade is getting a degree in career counseling from Goddard. She will be interning at U-32 this fall.

If you are interested in helping the "Friends" manage and operate the Town Hall Opera House, please go to the "Volunteer" page and let us know!


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