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Fall Concerts 2022
Tickets on sale now!

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Modern Times Theater - Sunday, November 13 @ 4 pm

We are so happy that Modern Times agreed to come back! After their hilarious show outdoors in the summer of 2021 we knew we had to have them come again. And this time it's with a brand new indoor show!

“We’re Not From Here” by Modern Times Theater

Arriving from elsewhere, just in time for the show, veteran vaudeville entertainers Rose Friedman and Justin Lander will present a million years in just under 75 minutes. A carpetbag of old fashioned amusements.  Music, puppetry, and schtick. They will attempt to summon the ghosts from the attic to answer our most pressing questions, including “How did we get here?”, “Where are we going?”, and “Can’t you do that somewhere else?”

This production was funded by a Creation Grant from the Vermont Arts Council, and is intended specifically for presentation in small historic venues throughout Vermont.


Modern Times Theater has been making and touring puppet shows and variety acts, and creating public community events since 2007. They pursue a radically divergent model of art making, creating venues in unlikely locations, and revitalizing the historic, run-down, and defunct. Working in populist theater forms, they seek to reinvent and reimagine classic American entertainment. 

Co-founders Rose Friedman and Justin Lander are a husband and wife duo, producers for Vermont Vaudeville and alumni of the Bread and Puppet Theater.

In order to monitor capacity requirements, we suggest pre-concert online tickets. But tickets will be available at the door if possible. We expect this event to sell out quickly so get your tickets early!


As always tickets are by donation ($20 suggested).

Contact us if you need assistance or have questions: ~ 802 498-3173

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Questions? Contact Steven Light 802.498.3173 ~ ~

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