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Plainfield Arts

Plainfield Arts is the freshly re-named non-profit organization of volunteers who love Plainfield’s historic Town Hall Opera House and want to see it flourish. In addition to providing support for events and helping with facility management, Plainfield Arts assists the Town with plans to build a back-stage addition for theatrical productions and for expanding off-site parking and improving pedestrian access.

Plainfield Arts welcomes you to join with us as we map out the future of the Opera House and provide community management of this wonderful facility.


Plans are taking shape and some of the focus areas are:

  • Organizational structure of the Friends

  • Continuation of our Board of Directors and the election of officers

  • Opera House mission

  • Capital improvements

  • Building maintenance

  • Fund raising

  • Programming

  • Parking and traffic control

  • Volunteer outreach and coordination for Opera House events


Plainfield Arts meets the third Monday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Town Hall Opera House, 18 High Street (Route 2) in Plainfield. For more information, and to volunteer, contact Keith Swann at

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