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Post Event Cleaning Checklist

All renters are required to complete the Cleaning Checklist.  The Cleaning Checklist is available as a PDF download (linked above), as well as can be found as a hard copy in the hall mounted on the wall in the utility closet. Please complete both of these forms and leave them in the designated folder in the files that are mounted in the utility closet.​​

The following list can be used as a reference when cleaning the Plainfield Town Hall Opera House after your event.  Renters still need to fill out and sign the paper version of this checklist.


Notes: Cleaning supplies and mop sink are located in the hall closet on the first floor. Upstairs brooms are located backstage. Use vinegar instead of soap for mopping. Rinse out mops and leave them in the sink to dry. Rinse out the mop bucket(s). Shop-vac is located in the closet in the kitchen. Return supplies and equipment to where they are stored. Note the need for any supplies at the bottom of the form.


Tables and chairs  

  •  Clean any tables and chairs used

  •  Fold chairs and restack them neatly

  •  Fold tables and lean against the wall away from radiators



  •  Sweep stairs and floor

  •  Mop floor and stairs


Second Floor

  •  Vacuum carpet on landing (and rug in Hall, if used)

  •  Roll up and return Persian rug backstage (if used)

  •  Sweep stairs and all floors

  •  Clean two bathrooms on stage

  •  Mop all floors

  •  Break down and store screen (if used)

First Floor

  •  Sweep and sponge mop the hallway floor

  •  Clean the bathroom (including toiler and sink)

  •  Remove smudges, fingerprints off doors & walls

  •  Sweep and mop kitchen floor

  •  Clean kitchen sink and counters

  •  Remove items stored in the refrigerator


Entrance & Entryway

  •  Sweep outside the entrance of debris and dirt

  •  Sweep and sponge mop entryway floor

  •  Vacuum carpet


Trash and Recycling

  •  Remove all trash and recycling 

  •  Put new trash bags in trash receptacles


  • When finished cleaning, lock up the building and place keys in the grey drop box outside of the main doors. 

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