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Help Build a Theater Addition Behind the Plainfield Town Hall Opera House!

The theater in the Town Hall Opera House presents a challenge for people who use it for plays and musicals, because there is no “backstage” or “green room”. No dressing room, no space for costume storage, no off-stage bathroom facilities, no suitable place to withdraw when you’re not on-stage.


The idea of a backstage addition was first proposed by architect Jay White in 1994, when the Town of Plainfield was preparing for an extensive building renovation. For cost-saving reasons, his proposal was discarded. (See his theater floor plan, with the rear addition crossed off). The idea was not lost, however.


Jay’s original plan resurfaced in 2011, when the Town Hall was in need of another round of renovation triggered by mold and structural issues. Jay’s sketch was taken into account when exterior drainage work was done in 2013: the 14’ by 32’ foundation he had envisioned was built as part of the rear retaining wall.  


Within a year of the completion of the extensive building renovation of 2012-2015, Jay prepared preliminary architectural drawings and floor plans for a two and ½ story addition to rise from that foundation. He did this at no charge. (See Jay White’s drawings). Those plans have since received a building permit from the Town of Plainfield.

Plainfield Arts is working to raise the funds for this much-needed capital improvement. Our goal this year is $10,000, which will allow us to install floor joists and deck the first floor. In addition to protecting the foundation, an open-air “platform” will be created at stage level which can be used as a “backstage” during summer and fall.


Please support commencement of this long-overdue improvement with your tax-deductible contribution.

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