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Rental Application & Agreement

The Plainfield Town Hall Opera House is available for Town business, cultural activities, and private functions. The Town’s intention is to consistently provide an affordable venue for a wide variety of programming and to maintain the historic integrity of the building. Users are expected to follow the terms of this agreement and to behave as good neighbors. 


Town committees should use the Municipal Use Form


Please contact the Event Coordinator ( with any questions.


The following information outlines the rental process:



The Events Coordinator schedules events and performances, approves Rental Applications, manages the use of the facility, and arranges a Facilities Manager to meet with the Renter before the event and after for the post-event inspection.



  • Check the Availability Calendar (or contact the Events Coordinator) to find an appropriate date

  • Read all the information on this page and the Technical Information page

  • Submit the online Rental Application (bottom of this page)

  • The Event Coordinator will email the contract

  • Renter schedules a meeting at the Opera House with the Facilities Manager

    • At that time the renter delivers the deposit check (made out to the Friends of the Plainfield Opera House for $150) and the rental check (made out to the Town of Plainfield, PTHOH in the memo line)

    • Checks can be mailed PRIOR to the meeting to Friends of the Plainfield Opera House P.O. Box 120, Plainfield, VT 05667

    • An orientation tour is given if necessary

    • Protocols and cleaning requirements are explained (Cleaning Checklist)

    • Renter is given the key

  • After the event, the renter deposits the key in the dropbox

  • The Facilities Manager checks the hall and returns or destroys the deposit check unless there are issues

    • If the post-event inspection indicates any aspect of insufficient cleaning and there is no possibility for the renter to remedy the situation the entire deposit will be forfeit.

COVID Protocols

The Plainfield Opera House encourages everyone to wear a mask while attending performances and using the hall for any reason.  Currently, masks and proof of COVID-19 vaccination status are no longer required.  However, please be aware that these policies are subject to change at any time, depending on recommendations by the CDC and the Vermont Department of Health.  

Cancellation policy

In extreme circumstances and at the discretion of the Booking Coordinator and the Friends Board refunds may be given for cancellations at the rates of 100% prior to 72 hours before the event. If a renter cancels within 72 hours of the event the deposit will not be returned.



  • The maximum capacity of the Hall is 244 guests. Main floor: 199 (chairs and standing), Balcony: 45 (chairs). With tables and chairs, the main floor capacity is 94.

  • Alcohol is prohibited in or around the building (except by prior approval from the Select Board)

    • If you would like to serve alcohol at your event, please read the following information about obtaining liquor liability coverage.

  • Events must end by 11 pm (unless a later time is approved by the Select Board)

  • Lift is reserved for people with disabilities

Piano use

The Piano may be rented for an additional $150 per use. Additionally, the renter must agree to be responsible for any and all damages to the piano or the hall. Tuning is the responsibility of the renter (we can help with recommending our piano technician).



  • Municipal Lot across from facility on US-2 can hold up to 12 cars and the Opera House lot can hold up to 14 cars (use caution when crossing highway)

  • Temporary parking is available on Harvey Hill for loading and unloading of materials (use Opera House side door).

  • Parking attendants are required at each lot to manage parking and ensure that only designated lots are used.

  • The Town will provide traffic control devices for parking attendants (vests, cones, wands), temporary parking location signs, and a map of the parking lots.

  • If the anticipated audience is more than 100 people, 2 or more parking attendants must be present.

  • If the Sheriff or Town Constable is called to resolve complaints, a fee will be charged.

  • Towing will be at the car owner’s or renter’s expense.


Post Event Procedure

  • The Renter is responsible for cleaning the facility (see Post Event Cleaning checklist) immediately after the event unless alternate arrangements are made.

  • The Renter will put the key to the facility in the dropbox outside the front door as soon as cleaning is completed.

  • All items brought for the event (props, clothing, furniture, decorations) must be removed from the facility by the renter on the end date specified on the Rental Application (unless special arrangements have been approved by the Select Board)

  • The Facilities Manager will determine if the security deposit will be returned to the Renter.

Rental Application

Rental form
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