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Town Hall parking fix

From the article "Plainfield Year in Review" in the Times Argus, 12/27/19 by Eric Blaisdell

The Town Hall received some extra parking this year.

A year ago Friends of the Plainfield Town Hall Opera House, a nonprofit organization created by volunteers, decided to purchase a house across from Town Hall to expand the parking there.

The town has made several renovations and improvements to Town Hall in recent years. The hall was reopened in 2014 after undergoing significant repairs following an inspection in 2011 that revealed structural and health-related environmental problems. The structural reinforcement to the building’s roof was completed in 2013.

But residents have pointed out how little parking there is currently, about a dozen spots. This means those looking to attend an event at the Town Hall would have to park elsewhere, such as down in the village.

The house has since been taken down and there are now about 20 extra spots for parking.

The organization is in the process of raising funds to pay off the mortgage for the home, as well as the costs of removing it. As of last month they’ve raised about $38,000 of $50,000 they need. Those looking to donate can do so at


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